Welcome to MB College

Maharaja Bodhchandra Singh (Leishemba) (1908-1955) is considered to be the 76th and the last king of sovereign Manipur. As a young prince, he received education from Mayo College, Ajmer. He succeeded his father, Maharaja Churachand Singh, as the king of Manipur. His coronation took place inside Kangla in the winter of 1944 during the height of the World War II. He ruled Manipur for more than 11 (eleven) years.Thereafter, the Maharaja led a secluded life devoting his time to prayer and religion. He passed away in the year 1955. The campus was gifted by the then Maharaja of Manipur, Shri Okendrajit Singh, in his revered father’s name, His Highness Shri Maharaja Bodhchandra Singh.

From Principal’s Desk

Dear students,

I warmly welcome you to this College.

This College is one of the oldest colleges in Manipur which is named after the 76th and last King of Sovereign Manipur Maharaja Bodhchandra singh. It was establish in the year 1969.

The College has a good number of committed and qualified Teachers who are experienced in different fields of education. I hope you will enjoy learning as you come to this college and develop your talents in every sphere of life.

Dr. Mairembam Chandra Singh
B.Sc. ( Distinction )
M.Sc. Delhi University


National Service Scheme

M. B. College has two units of NSS for male and female students. Admitted students desirous of participating in NSS activities should contact one of the two Programme Officers. Any student who holds NSS Certificate is given 5% weightage in the admission of PG Courses in the universities.


National Cadet Corps

M. B. College has NCC units for male and female students. Admitted students who are desirous of joining the NCC should contact the ANO of the college NCC unit. Holders of C-Certificate of NCC are directly allowed to face Sashastra Suma Bal (SSB) interview at Officers Training Academy, Chennai.


The college has a well equipped library housed in a well ventilated RCC building. The double story library building is assisted financially by the UGC and the State Government. The library has rare collections of historical documents and altogether houses more than 30,000 (thirty thousand) books on various subjects.